Sardinia Host Service

Earn from your second home without worrying about managing it

Do you have a second home that you would like to rent out but don’t have the time to manage it?

Let Sardinia Host Service help you!

Secure Earnings

Our online and offline property promotion service allows you to increase the number of bookings you receive, increasing your income.

Free Time

We take care of everything: from processing booking requests to receiving and registering guests and from the bed linen to the cleaning.

Direct Payments

The customer’s payment will be sent to your bank account. You’ll pay us for the service rendered.


Preliminary Consultation

During the first inspection we will check the condition and functionality of your home to evaluate if it satisfies all the requirements for accommodation.

  • Verification of the location and condition of the property.
  • Preliminary analysis of the property’s profitability.

Home Staging

We assess with our interior designers how to improve the value of your home and make it suitable for short term rentals.

  • Creation of a customised project to enhance the value of the property.
  • Selection of furniture, furnishings and lighting.
  • Professional photographic service.

Bureaucratic Formalities

We take care of all the bureaucratic and administrative aspects necessary to start your business in the Short term rental.

  • Communication to the municipality of reference for the start of tourist activity.
  • Request for the “IUN code” (unique numeric identifier) L.R. 16/2017.
  • Request for SIRED credentials for the communication of guests for statistical purposes.
  • Request for “Alloggiati Web” portal credentials for the mandatory communication of guests to the Police Headquarters.

Ad Creation

We create the ads for your property and publish them on the main online portals, accurately describing the property’s strengths with professionally created copy and photos.

  • Management and synchronisation of the calendars of all portals.
  • Management of reservations and requests from future guests.
  • Revenue Management – Managing dynamic rates to maximise bookings.

Customer Management

We take care of your guests’ reception, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, you don’t have to think about anything!

  • Check-in and Check-out.
  • Guests registration within 24 hours of their arrival.
  • Guests assistance throughout their stay 24/7.
  • Maps and useful information provided.
  • Feedback and guest reviews at end of stay.

Cleaning Service

We organise a cleaning, tidying and sanitising service for the property at each check-out.
Your guests will always find the property in perfect condition.

  • Check of the state of the property at the end of each stay.
  • Change of linen and tidying up of the property.
  • Welcome Kit (water, coffee, and more).
  • Courtesy kit (shampoo, bath foam, hair cap).

Are you interested in our All-Inclusive management formula?

We guarantee you a secure rent and all costs of the entire management are borne by us!

What they say about us


[…] They manage my property in Sardinia, ensuring me a profit and at the same time guaranteeing me the use of my property for my holidays.

Andrea – Dentist

"Absolutely reliable"

[…] professional, competent and very courteous. Basically your home in a vault! Basically your home in a vault!

Paolo – Doctor

"Professional partners"

The proof is the guest reviews, all of which highlight their qualities: cleanliness of the flat, quality of welcome and helpfulness.

Mario – Entrepreneur


How much can I earn from short term rentals?

After the first inspection, we will be able to make a general assessment of the profitability of your property. This depends on various
factors such as location and attractiveness.

How much does Home-Staging affect profitability?

Home staging is a fundamental aspect of maximising the value of your property and significantly increasing your income.
It only takes a few design touches to transform your home.

Is there a risk that tourists do not pay for their stay?

Each guest makes full payment for their stay before Check-In. Therefore, the risk of non-payment is zero.

Can I use my home when I do not have guests?

Absolutely, the advantage of our service is that it allows you to use the property when your guests are not there.

What are the advantages of your service?
Our service offers many advantages. For example, your house is not under restrictions! If you want to sell it, you can do so, and in the meantime we give you profitability through short rentals. Forget about those inconvenient and difficult-to-evict renters. You won’t have to worry about anything.
How can I check the bookings I have received?
Through our management system we will give you access to your property profile. In this way you can check occupancy and potential earnings.

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